Hey, I'm Alex!

I am a Toronto, Canada based filmmaker, marketer and content creator with a passion for telling stories, helping brands build relationships, and helping you grow through story-driven video and marketing strategies.

I creates videos that help businesses, entrepreneurs, and creatives rise and grow, leaving behind an everlasting story. With every video I craft, I capture your value, mission, personality, impact on people’s lives, and ultimately your legacy. These videos are crafted to create leads who are pre-suaded, trusting and ready to take action, resulting in doubled business growth while cutting sales and lead generation time in half.

Whether you are a local business, brand, corporation, or entrepreneur, I wants to help you take your business to the next level and get you started with a true video strategy that will help you exceed your every goal.

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I also share my passion for filmmaking and helping others through how-to’s and tutorials, camera and gear reviews, and behind the scenes looks at my productions on my YouTube channel. Click here to check it out.


(AS OF DEC 1, 2022)