The Nagpal Group is a leading realty team from Toronto, ON.

They are a full service team that is dedicated to helping their clients from beginning to end, whether they are buying or selling a property. Their team motto is no pressure, just results, and by sticking to that philosophy, it makes every transaction smooth and effortless.

The solution

When The Nagpal Group approached AP x 90 Media, they were in the middle of a rebranding effort to modernize their image and online presence. Understanding that rebranding a company can be a daunting task, The Nagpal Group wanted to be sure to partner with a creative agency that truly understood their mission.

AP x 90 Media worked closely with The Nagpal Group on their rebranding and were able to help them design the best vision possible for the next chapter in their team’s history. We were able to design a story that would best encapsulate their mission. Working directly with their team leaeds, we were able to produce multiple videos, photographs and a modern website that could best honour the unique way in which their team operates.

Cinematic Showcase

We decided to showcase their team with a cinematic look that was congruent with their strengths. Individual videos highlighted their individual strengths and personalities while the full team video and testimonials shows their true chemistry and what they as a whole have to offer to their clients.